by Forbes contributor, Rex Sinquefield

This week one of the key Democratic Party strongholds voted to reduce income taxes and expand the sales tax base. The District of Columbia Council, which in 2012 supported President Barack Obama over challenger Mitt Romney by a wide margin of 13 votes to 1 (in a city where 90.9 percent of voters selected Obama), passed a pro-growth tax reform package that, if signed into law will:

  • expand the sales tax base,
  • reduce income taxes for individuals and businesses,
  • increase the Earned Income Tax Credit to 100%,
  • recouple estate taxes to federal levels, and
  • save taxpayers about $67 million per year.

Mayor Vincent Gray has until July 8th to approve or veto the bill. Considering the near-unanimous (12 to 1) Council vote, indications are good that this bill will become law in our nation’s capital.

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