“Rex has inspired our state and local communities to think about policy from new and interesting points of view. Rex’s bold and enduring commitment to challenging the efficacy of long-held policy models encourages all of us to reimagine the most critical issues of our time.”


Rex and Jeanne recognize the lifelong benefits of a high-quality education. Given access to a superior education, children will be prepared for the demands and opportunities of our changing world and communities can thrive.


Rex Sinquefield is a dedicated free-market economist.  As such, he believes that when something is taxed, the market will produce less of it.  Just as brewers believe that imposition of excise taxes reduces beer sales, Rex believes that taxes on income reduce the production of income, or, put another way, kill jobs.


Rex and Jeanne Sinquefield understand that many of our local governments are operating under archaic structures and with constrained resources.  They also understand that those are the very organizations who are least likely to have the resources—both human and financial—to assemble data, develop improvement strategies and then implement them.