Cultural Institutions

Communities derive a sense of self from those things which people see as defining their city. St. Louisans define themselves by institutions and exceptional programs. Rex has committed significant financial resources and time to many of these institutions: Missouri Botanical Garden; Missouri History Museum; Opera Theatre of St. Louis; Saint Louis Art Museum; Saint Louis Symphony; Contemporary Art Museum Saint Louis and St. Louis Chess Club and the World Chess Hall of Fame.

These institutions make up much of what is great about St. Louis. Most have been in existence for over a hundred years, while two are bringing international recognition to St. Louis. In 2008, Rex and Jeanne opened the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis and in 2011, they moved the World Chess Hall of Fame from another state to create the internationally reknowned St. Louis Chess Campus. For the last ten years chess has permeated St. Louis’ culture – the Cardinals have chess boards in their locker rooms; the public schools and community centers offer chess lessons; and restaurants host chess nights to draw a crowd. As a host city for a leg of the World Chess Tour and other major tournaments, St. Louis has become widely recognized as the chess capital of the country – so much so, that when announcing his coming out of retirement, chess grand master, Gary Kasparov, said he would do so in St. Louis.

Here is a video that we produced when SLSO performed a few MNMI pieces in their regular performance season. D Robertson and Jeanne are interviewed.