Rex SinquefielldIt’s been nearly a decade since Arizona lowered its personal state income taxes, and now the Grand Canyon State sits poised to become the tenth state in the union to eliminate personal income tax all together. With members of the House and Senate working collaboratively, and a fiscally conservative governor in the capital, Arizona’s upcoming legislative session could see the enactment of sweeping change.

The nonprofit, nonpartisan Tax Foundation grants Arizona some pretty decent boasting rights, with the 13th-lowest individual income tax and the 10th-lowest state and local income tax in the nation. However, eliminating the income tax would give Arizona an even greater competitive advantage when luring businesses, creating jobs, and encouraging new investments. In the past, Arizona’s neighbor Nevada has been a perennial champion of business growth, thanks to a penchant for cutting and eliminating taxes. However, those days may be over, as earlier this year Senate lawmakers passed Governor Brian Sandoval’s plan to raise $438 million in taxes a year.